Les Indiennes

Store History

  • Founded: 2002
  • Founded by: Mary Mulcahy
  • Headquarters: Germantown, NY

Les Indiennes sells bedding and textiles designed by Mary Mulcahy and created using the ancient art of Kalamkari. Sun-bleached, naturally dyed cottons are hand-blocked with carved wood dipped in Aryuvedic dyes derived from plants, roots, earth, and rock.

Hand-blocked textiles and papers from India - adornment for beds, tables and walls. Created through a traditional multi-step process called kalamkari, they are organic, handmade and their production provides fair-trade income to 50 families. Les Indiennes signature combination of traditional block print motifs that have been oversized and simplified mixed with bold patterns (like polka dots!) makes for a bright, eclectic modern-traditional feel. More photos below:

Oh...and we love the Les Indiennes slippers:

The online store is in the works and will be operational soon.