Leslie Janson: Grain Sack Pillows

Store Profile

Location: online only
Specialty: Turning old sacks into charming cushions
Price range: ($) Budget - ($$) Mid-Range

Store History

  • Headquarters: New York



Durable, colorful, textural: what's not to love about grain sacks? Leslie Janson obviously agrees, as its her preferred medium for pillows with personality, and even some things unexpected.What I love about reclaimed things is imagining their history — where has this been, who touched it, how did it get here. In crafting her pillows, Leslie uses grain sacks up to 100 years old, burlap that's sure seen a lot in its day. With patterns and colors as varied as the millers who used them, no two are exactly alike. And you don't just get the sack cover; Leslie ships with feather pillow inserts.

Leslie doesn't just make pillows; she also uses grain sacks to make jewelry. From cuffs to brooches, she's creative in crafting beautiful things from the most humble of materials.

(Images: Leslie Janson)