Lincoln Fabrics

Lincoln Fabrics

Laure Joliet
Nov 28, 2007

Anyone who's driven down Lincoln Blvd has seen the big blue box that is Lincoln Fabrics. Maybe you've been too intimidated to go in. It was once piled high with disorganized fabric, remnants and dust. But someone has reworked the place. It is organized, you can now enter through the front door (gasp!), there's a whole upstairs section and most of the fabric is in a place that makes sense.

They have an incredible selection of oilcloth and great vintage cotton prints. Toile, canvas, Sunbrella, foam pieces, ribbon, buttons, the whole shebang. They haven't lost their flavor though, you can still find all sorts of unexpected bolts.

I was looking for re-upholstering fabric and wasn't as successful since I'm looking for something plain (they had a lot of patterned, floral fabrics). The prices are reasonable and frankly if you don't know what you want to make, take a step inside, tool around and be inspired. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Anyone else been in recently? Anything to share?

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