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With Liora Manné, it's all about color, pattern and texture. Her vibrant designs now include upholstered furniture, rugs, lighting, pillows, wallpaper, textiles, home accessories and rugs...

Liora Manné has created four patented manufacturing techniques for her rugs:

  • Lamontage: the ancient art of felting is transformed by modern technology and materials through a patented process. Acrylic fibers are layered and then interlocked by needle-punching to create custom colors.
  • Dimensions: utilizes a computerized water-jet rug process to allow for the creation of intricate, cut-out patterns on the Lamontage rug base.
  • Montique: utilizes custom dyed fibers that are cut, blended and layered by hand and are then encased in plastic for a translucent high-tech effect. This innovative process results in products that are practical, durable and contemporary.
  • Lumina: colored fibers are layered into acrylic for the design. The acrylic is then molded to create a shape.

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Lamontage Custom Rug for Private Residence in Westport, Connecticut
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Lamontage Custom Rug for the New York Public Library

You can also present an idea or sketch to Liora Manné and she will create a custom rug, lampshade, or textile for you.

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