Little Collector: Contemporary Fine Art

Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Chrissy Crawford Malone
  • Headquarters: New York City and Portland, OR

Chrissy Crawford Malone was working as a full time art advisor and independent curator when she came up with the idea to start Little Collector. Clients and friends frequently asked her to find art for their children's rooms. They wanted something special and unique, yet affordable. Surprised by how difficult this was to find, Chrissy began thinking about ways to engage children with contemporary art from a young age. It was at this point that Little Collector was born! Chrissy holds a Master's Degree in International Art Business from Sotheby's Institute of Art, London and started her career in museum and gallery work before starting her own advisory in 2006. She lives in New York with her lovely husband.

Any room, even a child's room, doesn't look cozy or complete until there is art on the walls. But it's hard to find art for a kid's room — you don't want to pay too much or be age-inappropriate or put anything fragile on the walls. And trust me, you can't just sit around waiting for them to create their own wall-worthy masterpieces (unless your child is an artistic genius like mine is, of course!) Enter Little Collector, a new company that sells affordable limited editions of contemporary art that you AND your kids will like.

There are several interesting artists and works to choose from (above is a sampling of my favorites). Prices range from $40 for an unframed 8x10 print to $375 for a framed 20x24 print. Little Collector uses acrylic instead of glass in their frames, so you can hang the prints at kid eye-level and not worry about glass breaking. The prints are are produced using inkjet archival pigments on cotton rag fine art paper. Frames have acid-free materials and backings.

The stated mission of Little Collector is to "engage children with contemporary art from a young age." To that end, their website also has a non-commercial "art 101" section, with easy-to-follow information about different artists, art terms and artistic movements.

A portion of all profits go to a local children's charity.

Images: All via
1 Matthew Carden, '69 Cougar
2 David Levinthal, Untitled, "Coney Island" series
3 Stephen Hannock, Rocket
4 Cynthia Rowley, Elephant
5 Jason Middlebrook, Black Capped Chickadee
6 Larry Moss, Still Life With Fruit (made out of balloons!)
7 Shepherd Fairey, Obey Elephant
8 John Nickle, Never Knit a Hat for a Moose