Loadbearing: Customizable Shelving & Storage

Store History

  • Founded by: Mathias Frei
  • Headquarters: New York City

Loadbearing is a US/Swiss company providing furniture for the home and casual office. The "Swiss" side of our nature requires practical, attractive, clever solutions. The "US" side wants to have it our way. Neither wants to pay a fortune. The combination results in smart, well-made, good value products that you can customize to fit your needs

Loadbearing is the place to purchase Swiss designer Mathias Frei's Mshelving — a Swiss-made modular shelving system that is based around a metal framework with customizable colorful panels and drawers.

The super sturdy system has great potential for those who love color (though it can also be kept very neutral). In addition to an in-stock and ready-to-ship inventory, the Loadbearing site features a helpful Composer features that allows the consumer to generate the plans and costs of custom units.

There is no minimum opening order. The company, which shows in New York, has about an eight-week lead time on custom orders.