Local Green Furniture Maker: Cliff Spencer

Local Green Furniture Maker: Cliff Spencer

Laure Joliet
Jul 28, 2008

Store History

  • Founded: 2005
  • Founded by: Cliff and Leigh Spencer
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Life is Short, Live Simply. That's the motto for local Marina del Rey woodworker and custom furniture and cabinetry maker, Cliff Spencer. Working with reclaimed wood, low voc paints and finishes and even wood reused from wine barrels (called wine oak) Cliff is committed to green living and creating furniture and cabinets that will last and be loved:


"A table, a few chairs, a bed—the essentials. Make sure you love them, want to take care of them, and that you love to tell others about where it came from; why you decided it was right for you. Our furniture and cabinetry aim to evoke warmth, create comfort in your home, and give you some peace. When the morning sun hits the swirling grain of the wood in one of our pieces in just the right way, you'll see a different angle, a shape, a curve you hadn't noticed before. It's old world craftsmanship in modern times, using only the finest joinery, built to last for generations."

We were just talking about how much we would love to have a rustic wood table mixed with some modern chairs, and we try to support local artists as much as possible especially those who are committed to responsible design. Check out the way he uses wood reclaimed from wine barrels (dark if it held red wine, lighter if it held white). Genius.

To see more examples of his work, check out the website or give them a call at 310.823.0112.

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