• Location: multiple locations and online
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Store History

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founded by: Steven Kinder
  • Headquarters: Dallas, TX
  • Sister stores: partnered with Techline Studio

From his experience living and working in open plan spaces, Steven Kinder developed LOFTwall to meet his own requirements and sense of aesthetic when he couldn't find a beautiful or affordable solution he liked.

One of the things I love about ICFF is getting to check out products in person. It's kind of like meeting a virtual friend in real life; it could go either way. That was how I was with LOFTwall. A friend of mine was considering using LOFTwall in her home and I wanted to check it out for myself this ICFF before I was comfortable recommending it to her.

Based in Texas, LOFTwall's concept is simple: 4, 6 and 8 foot aluminum frames hold wood veneer, solid, translucent or diy panels that can be covered with fabric or wallpaper. Easy to assemble, panels can be popped in and out as your needs change. New enhancements, like a shelf portion and caster bases make a versatile product even more flexible and, despite being made of lightweight aluminum, the frames are much sturdier than I might have expected yet still light enough that I would be able to move them if necessary. Some of the ways they might be used in a small home include:

  • slide it in front of an awkwardly large window to give yourself some privacy while still letting light through.
  • in an open plan kitchen and dining room, block off a messy kitchen when it's time to sit down to dinner.
  • create a dressing area in a bedroom
  • use it in your living room to give your overnight guests some privacy
  • use it to create a separate entry area if your front door opens directly into your living room
  • if you have two kids who share a room, use it to give them some privacy at night.