Look! Used Movie Props for Sale

Store History

  • Founded: 2008
  • Founded by: Eva Radke
  • Headquarters: Gowanus / Park Slope, Brooklyn

What began as a Google Group for industry insiders, now is a non-profit thrift boutique open to the public and the trade. Items are proved to move! What you see on the floor is only a portion of what we receive. We regularly give items to CAMBA women's shelter, CHIPS soup kitchen, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, Materials for the Arts and Baby Buggy. We like to see nothing go to waste and what that means for you is affordable beauty.

Located in Long Island City, New York, Film Biz Prop Shop "is a little museum of lost props," says owner Eva Radke. The shop sells lots of different wares at deep discount: furniture, pillows, lighting, jewelry, electronics, decor, games, artwork, and holiday decorations, just to name a few.

The majority of what Film Biz Prop Shop receives in donations is directed to other re-use centers in the area. "We adhere to a strict policy that nothing animal or baby related stays in our store - it goes to where it can do the most good - to agencies with specific public services."

With the motto Never Landfill a Re-Usable Item, Film Biz Prop Shop offers shoppers a unique added-value: their "inventory has been curated by NYC's film and television set directors and shoppers. These professionals have their secret sources, travel all over, seek out the most interesting items to bring a set to life. All those hand-selected items come here for the most incredible thrift store NYC has to offer."

(Video: Film Biz Prop Shop)