Look! Vintage Pharmacist's Cabinet

Store History

  • Founded: 2006
  • Founded by: Karen Marsh

Hi, I'm Karen. Welcome to the online version of our shop MackeyBlue. MackeyBlue started out as a hobby where I would frequent auctions and flea markets and stumble upon great things for myself and family and friends. I started having monthly sales and found that people really liked vintage, one of a kind items. They were always eager to see what new old things were on offer at each sale. So I decided to open a Saturday shop in the neighborhood where I could provide more items on a regular basis. Saturdays turned into more days and now the shop is open four days a week. Now that we're established locally, I thought I would try to reach more of you and open up an online store. At MackeyBlue.com you will find fun, vintage items similar to what you can find in our shop in Hoboken, NJ. What might you find today? Karen

There is a little shop in Hoboken that I pass by occasionally — but today what I saw from the door made me go inside to take a closer look. This beautiful secretary has a few little hidden storage compartments which of course makes it even more of a find.

Plus it still has two old keys that lock the drawers! The owner of the shop, Karen, is excited about the piece as well and was practically giddy showing me the secret mirror behind the set of drawers that pulls out completely. She is selling it for $1,050 at her shop, MackeyBlue.

(Images: Sparrow King)