Marston & Langinger: English Countryside Moves to NYC

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Green acres is the place to be. Marston & Langinger opens their SoHo store today, and it should make for some delicious browsing, since it may be hard to take home a new greenhouse in a bag. The English shop's arrival in our fair city either signals the resurgence of what Martha Stewart started years ago, or they are very late to the party.

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Specializing in expensive things, but to be fair, well made things, Marston & Langinger's lineup includes glass buildings, furnishings, and specialty building products such as custom paint, doors and natural flooring. Heck we don't even know what the prices are yet, but we can guess, can't we?

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What will be great about this shop is if it brings new products and materials that are not available here. We shall see. As for the English country style, it is not very much in fashion, but it could be. No one relaxes in as stylish AND cozy way as the British. (Thanks, Charlotte!) MGR

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