Michael Mitchell Interior Murals

  • Location: New York, NY

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Artwork doesn't just hang on your wall. Sometimes it IS your wall. There are many painters in NYC, but only a few who do custom interior murals. Michael Mitchell is a member of this exclusive club.

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Since 1970 Michael has been painting murals and creating painting effects for business and residential interiors. A jack of all styles, he has done trompe L'oeil, big robots and wild jungles - whatever the client has called for - with style and a confidence of brushstroke that is remarkable. Don't try this at home.

While many favor the unadorned wall as an antidote for small urban spaces and clutter, as Curtis has shown us, the magic of a mural has its place and can certainly add another dimension to a drab room.

Michael can also be reached at mmpix (at) nyc.rr.com.

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