Mint Condition Homes: Vintage Inspired, Green Sensibilities

Mint Condition Homes: Vintage Inspired, Green Sensibilities

Store History

  • Founded: 2005
  • Founded by: Mila Zelkha
  • Headquarters: Oakland, CA

In recent years flipping homes has gotten a bad rep, but it hasn't completely disappeared. Last week we met with Oakland-based designer Mila Zelkha, owner of renovation and real estate company, Mint Condition Homes. Through her company, Mila works to painstakingly and thoughtfully restore vintage bank-owned properties into quality, eco-friendly homes for first time home buyers. Her work is bright and beautiful and not only gives new life to abandoned properties, but also improves the quality of the neighborhood and uplifts it's residents.

Mila Zelkha has a varied, professional background, but all of her experiences led her to a passion of rehabbing vintage, eco-friendly homes. Mila received her BFA & B.Arch from Rhode Island School of Design. Upon graduation, Mila worked as the Program Director for The Green Roundtable, a non-profit dedicated to mainstreaming green design through education, policy and technical assistance. Eventually Mila moved back to the Bay Area, and began designing and managing construction for small-scale residential developers. During this time she observing techniques used for flipping and selectively began substituting eco-friendly material choices without changing their bottom line. "I've always put a value on quality, green design process and materials — all our homes affirm that the marketplace does as well."

Most of the buildings Mint Condition Homes restores are one and two unit bungalow-style residences. The houses are bank-owned or abandoned, have been poorly or illegally renovated and require significant improvements. When designing a rehab, Mila not only looks to the building for inspiration, but it's former inhabitants and ne