Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago

Mitsuwa Marketplace Chicago

Heather Blaha
May 15, 2007

Open 365 days a year, in Arlington Heights, we probably only get to Mitsuwa Marketplace two out of those 365.

Last Saturday was one of those days. We hit Mitsuwa (on the way to IKEA) for the grand duo of shopping experiences. The Japanese marketplace truly serves every need with their specialty stores (but no home furnishings, hence the IKEA stop):

A food court and take-away sushi counter satisfies your hunger; extensive grocery aisles for cooking at home; basic home goods to check things off your list; appliances, cosmetics, books, videos, liquor, vitamins, and a travel agent, too.

Mitsuwa opened in 1991 as the largest Japanese grocery store in the Midwest. It still holds this distinction today, and is known as "The Mall of Japan". Especially noted as THE place to purchase fresh ingredients for making sushi at home, Mitsuwa is the kind of place you can spend hours browsing and buying.

Read the schedule of events and sales for upcoming deals. Also on the list: the Mitsuwa Summer Festival (Bon-Odori), which takes place on August 11.

Any other Mitsuwa lovers out there??

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