Mobiles by Julie Frith

Mobiles by Julie Frith

Maxwell Ryan
May 3, 2006

Store History

  • Founded: 1998
  • Founded by: Julie Frith
  • Headquarters: Eureka, CA

The children's shop Kid-O has a beautiful mobile hanging in their window, which has been purchased repeatedly as a gift for friends nurseries. Now we think we know where it came from.

Mobiles by Julie Frith is a hot, little find of a site. Filled with simple, colorful mobiles and stabiles (the kind that sit instead of hanging), Julie Frith has channelled Alexander Calder to create a lovely resource for moving artwork.

Perfect for the modern home, mobiles come in three sizes (s,m,xl) so you can fit any space, and the prices are very approachable (@ $100-$400). And while Julie's color choices are right on the mark, if you would like to choose your own colors, every mobile can be custom colored to meet your decor.

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