Moroccan Caravan: Handcrafted Furniture, Lighting & Textiles from Morocco

Moroccan Caravan: Handcrafted Furniture, Lighting & Textiles from Morocco

Jeanine Brennan
Mar 19, 2009

Now that the light has changed, we're trying to add some accents to our home that reflect the warmth outside and emerging light patterns at night. A great local store for inspiration is Somerville's Moroccan Caravan. It's a hidden gem and we regularly stop in when we're in the neighborhood. More than just a friendly marketplace, it's a cozy store with hand-forged lanterns, vibrantly painted furniture, leather poufs, hand- embroidered linens and more.

Moroccan decor seems to be a hot trend lately, Janel recently wrote a great post about Adding a Little Moroccan Style to Any Room, and Aaron blogged Moroccan Rugs and Carpets. Part of what we love about Moroccan Caravan (besides that we get hot tea every time we go in!) is that the items are unique. Each stands out as being personally made, and there aren't a lot of each item. For example, we love this hand-embroidered cotton sheet set, currently on their website, and there is only one. We're also drawn to the warm patterns that the henna-inspired lanterns cast on the walls and ceiling when they're lit. These are all items you won't see in everyone else's home.

Another great thing about shopping at Moroccan Caravan, is that it directly helps Moroccan artists, so you can feel good about helping keep ancient art forms alive. They also offer shipping for folks who don't live nearby.

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