Cambria Bold
Feb 5, 2009

Whatever your feelings are about Moss, it's still the place to go for cutting edge design. By turns creative and inaccessible, brilliant and pretentious, Moss is always welcoming of the latest design trends and thus manages to stay one step ahead of its critics, including us...

Moss came to fruition in 1994 as former fashion entrepreneur Murray Moss barreled into Soho with a determination to "transform the public perception of industrial product design." The store quickly became internationally known for its product selection and presentation complete with high-profile clients. New York Magazine said it was "like a museum where you can buy what's on exhibit."

As is to be expected, with high design comes high prices. But there are small items to be found Under $100. We've heard varying reports on the friendliness/rudeness of the staff, so be aware. But still, Moss should absolutely be on your list of places to visit. You'll likely love some things, hate some other things, but either way you'll leave with an increased understanding and appreciation for design and the infinite possibilities it presents.

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