MOTIF Modern Living

Store History

  • Founded: Kyle, Texas
  • Headquarters: Kyle, Texas

Based in Kyle, TX (just south of Austin), MOTIF Modern Living operates three showrooms, a distribution center and nationally-recognized website offering unique, yet affordable, modern and contemporary furniture and home accents. The MOTIF Furniture Outlet in Kyle, TX opened its doors in December of 2005 and quickly became the region's premiere destination for unique contemporary home and office furnishings. Today, it serves as a full showroom and a true "outlet" store where shoppers can find great deals on closeouts, special promotions and slightly flawed floor models. In February of 2008 MOTIF launched its flagship MOTIF Modern Living store in the rapidly developing northern section of San Antonio, TX. Along with the organic contemporary furnishings MOTIF has become known for, a new MOTIF Studio concept store was opened next door featuring the newest high-end modern furniture designs.

We've stopped into San Antonio en route to Austin to take part in a half-marathon this weekend (please don't rain), but we thought we'd check around to see if there were any modern furnishings resources in the area that might appeal to our readership. Admittedly San Antonio is known for more traditional tastes, but those searching for furnishings of a continental modern flair may do well taking a detour over to MOTIF Modern Living.

MOTIF Modern Living could be described as the modern Texan's IKEA+ (with some true luxury pieces mixed in, priced accordingly), with a selection of organic contemporary furniture displayed in an airy loft-like setting that should be recognizable to any regular Apartment Therapy reader.

MOTIF offers notable designers from Europe and the Americas, as well as some recognizably "inspired" modern pieces (aka standard contemporary-modern pieces obviously influenced by modern classics with generic names), making this a the destination for modern-minded aesthetes who are looking for a local resource to shop for pieces from the likes of Kartell, Umbra, GUS, Branch, Inhabit, Calligaris, and many recognizable brands for the discriminating, worldly shopper in the San Antonio (and Austin) area.

We've been to San Antonio enough times to know this is a rare resource for those looking to add a bit of modernity in their homes without having to travel to Austin or Dallas. And eco-minded shoppers will be pleased to know they're supporting a business which gets 100% of its power from wind technology, uses energy-efficient fluorescent lighting in their showrooms and even pay their employees a monthly stipend if they choose to drive a hybrid vehicle!