Musical Furnishings

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Think you have a musical family? As children we were happy to bang on pots and pans with a wooden spoon and were especially fond of a pair of garage-sale maracas, but Musical Furnishings takes music in the home to a whole new level.

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The idea was born more than a decade ago when company founder, Tor Clausen, was struck by the music he made by drumming his fists on a picnic table. It gave him the idea to integrate music and furniture and he set off to build prototypes of his idea. Today the company sells coffee tables, storage chests, outdoor benches and porch swings - all of which can be played like xylophones.

Musical notes are hand stamped into the wood and mallets and a songbook are provided so beginners can get started right away. The sound quality is surprisingly good - check out a sample here.

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The company strives to use reclaimed timber when they can and their indoor pieces are available in four different stains. The outdoor pieces are made from cedar and are our favorite (we're envisioning 6 a.m. jam sessions emanating from the coffee table).

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Musical furnishings are truly meant to function as furniture, not just huge xylophones taking up space in your home. Your furniture may not only look good, but it may sound good, too.

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