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Luxury Outdoor furniture goes Green. We spotted Neoteric Home at ICFF, thought it looked like very comfy, cuddlepuddle outdoor furniture, and didn't realize that it was also eco-friendly...

A family owned company, Neoteric Home's furniture is made of synthetic rattan over an aluminum base, which is 100% recyclable and "environmentally friendly." The rattan is also UV resistant, non-toxic, colorfast, chemically resistant, weatherproof and can withstand extremes of temperature allowing it to be outside yearround. Sounds impossible, right?

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Their outdoor line is broad with full sofa sets, to dining sets to the loungers above that originally caught our eye. Honestly, with the very modern approach, some seem very cold, but a few are right on and very attractive. If you are looking for outdoor furniture, this is a good place to check out.

While Neoteric Home's website is not great, they do have complete PDF catalogs online and a showroom in Tribeca. They also say that ordering over the phone, by email or fax is easy.

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