Mar 27, 2007

Not exactly a store, but rather a service that works for a variety of online stores, brings the typically uncomfortable but often lucrative market haggling experience to the internet. Nethaggler works using an installed toolbar that you need to download first. After doing so, while shopping at any of the participating retailers, you can either tag, nag or haggle the price of the item you are interested in.

Tagging the item involves selecting it on the webpage and using the downloaded toolbar to enter a price you are willing to pay. Nethaggler will then inform you when the item is available for the price you want. If you decide to nag the vendor, you would enter a price that you are willing to pay along with some sort of justification for your price. Finally, if you want to haggle, you can select an item along with a quantity you are interested in and once Nethaggler sees that there are at least 100 people, it will try to negotiate a better price for the bulk purchase.

We haven't used this service ourselves, and honestly are a little bit skeptical about the effectiveness of the nag and haggle bits, but Best Buy, Circuit City and CDW are on board. Anyone out there have experience with this?

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