News: DWR Annex to Open in Palm Springs

News: DWR Annex to Open in Palm Springs

Laure Joliet
Feb 2, 2009
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We've been big fans of DWR for a long time (it's where we first met the ATLA team for the smallest coolest party back in 2006) but can't say that we own very much of what we love. Their Tools For Living line gave us some more affordable and utilitarian options late last year and here's some more great news: DWR is going to be opening up an annex in Palm Springs in two weeks. Why is this such good news? Jump below to find out.

The DWR Annex is going to be a resource for overstock, returns, samples, discontinued lines and other items, all offered for sale at a discount and for immediate purchase off the floor. This means that you can get a deal on something you may have been eying for a long time. Just how much things will be discounted remains to be seen. The space will also function as a traditional showroom, but we're more excited to check out the discounted merch perhaps fulfilling our fantasy furniture purchases, and maybe just looking.


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