Nick Metropolis - The King of Collectable Furniture

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
Located outside on a bustling corner of La Brea Ave, Nick Metropolis - The King of Collectable Furniture is one of those "must stop and peek" destinations we can't resist stopping by every time we're in the neighborhood. Call it kitsch or eclectic niche, either way, Nick Metropolis is chock full of odd furniture, some of historic note, but most just wonderfully tacky: dreadful artwork so bad that it's good, oversized promotional items, oddly shaped seating, vending machines of yesteryear, signage advertising long forgotten products or's all here for your perusing pleasure. Be sure to check out some of the larger and more unique items tucked into the back rooms; a few of the items we've seen there on previous visits looked like they were appropriated from Hugh Hefner's den 'o pleasure, circa 1971. Nick Metropolis is like your weird mustachioed Uncle Freddy: a little bit frightening, but always entertaining.