Nu-Facers: Cabinet Face Lifts

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Just saw this. A client asked us yesterday if she could reface her wood cabinets that were lightly worn, instead of replacing them. Good Idea, we thought.

Nufacers could be a really cool graffitti tag or the Upper East Side cabinet re-facing company that they are. They claim they can re-face all doors, cabinets and countertops, whether made of wood, metal or formica.

How do they do it? Unfortunately they don't RE-SURFACE, they RE-FACE, which means they:

1. remove your old doors and drawer fronts and throw them away.
2. cover your existing cabinets with beautiful laminates.
3. install new doors and drawer fronts in the style of your choice.
4. install new counters, roll-out drawers, sinks, and appliances.

True, this is better than ripping out the whole cabinet and it does save time and money, but wouldn't it be nice if products were made to be FIXED these days, instead of REPLACED? Call for free estimates: 212.426.4160. MGR

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