Nuheat: The Warm Floor Company

Nuheat: The Warm Floor Company

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 8, 2006

(This is the second post from Regina!)

With temperatures outside hitting the high 90's lately, staying warm is probably the last thing on your mind. That said, Nuheat electric floor heating mats make for an easy summer renovation project that allows you to keep going barefoot long into the winter months ahead.

Nuheat is an extremely do-able alternative to hot water radiant floor heating systems. While most radiant floor heat is fed through a complicated series of hot water tubes set into a concrete subfloor, Nuheat electric mats can be installed by you in a weekend.

The mats are super thin (1/8") and some in standard and custom sizes/shapes. They are rolled out on your subfloor surface and tile, laminate, or engineered wood flooring is installed right over it. The result is a comfy warm floor in the bathroom or anywhere else you want to eliminate cold floors.

Simple wiring connects the mats to thermostatic controls and you're set!

Radiant floor heat is an energy efficient method of heating a space because the heat is distributed consistently throughout the floor surface and radiated upward, creating a comfortable, even heat. While most NYC apartments have an abundance of heat from clunky hissing old radiators, a little supplemental heat under ceramic or stone tile can lend some warmth to your cold floor surfaces.

- Regina

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