Old Sau's Resale & Antique Shop

Old Sau's Resale & Antique Shop

Heather Blaha
Sep 21, 2006
  • Location: Chicago, IL

We stopped in this antique shop on Lincoln Avenue last week after our failed attempt to check out Mod Life. Next door to Mod Life, with no distinguishing signage, is Old Sau's Resale & Antique Shop, where we couldn't resist a browse.

The shop isn't so full that you can't walk through comfortably, and be assured your bag or shoulder won't accidentally start knocking things over because of crammed stuff. Instead, we found this little antique shop easy to navigate, fun to dig through, and a pleasure to explore. The kind people working made certain to suggest we look through drawers of furniture for more things...a clever way to fit everything for sale inside a small store.

Prices were reasonable on a variety of objects: furniture, lamps, dishes, purses, mirrors, jewelry, etc. We bought an old (and in beautiful condition) booze-to-go case?, picnic wine case?, we don't know what to call it (pictured above). The nice guy behind the counter knocked off five bucks because I had to wait five minutes for him while he finished a phone call. Wow, who does that?

Has anyone else been to Old Sau's?

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