Olli & Lime

Store History

  • Founded: 2008
  • Founded by: Karen Ronneback & Andy Lacey
  • Headquarters: Brookline, MA

Olli & Lime creates modern nursery bedding and decor, for design-conscious parents. Products are manufactured in the USA, using trusted suppliers and high-quality fabrics, and sold at olliandlime.com, plus carefully chosen retail partners. The company was founded in 2008, in England, with a vision of how a modern nursery should look. Popularity grew in the US, prompting a move stateside in 2011. Olli & Lime's unique brand of nursery design is now available throughout North America, and beyond.

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Olli and Lime are anti-"fluffy." They believe children deserve creative, contemporary, and colorful designs that are playful enough to appeal to kids without throwing parents for a style loop. If you're looking to infuse a room with a splash of color and some modern patterns, Olli and Lime has answered the call.

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Olli and Lime's current line is composed of five collections. The design above is called "Carrie" (likely a nod to shoe diva Carrie of Sex and the City) and is the least gender-neutral pattern in the bunch. The others: George, Billie, Oliver and Egg are, by colors and pattern, appealing choices for either a boy or a girl's room.

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Each line includes toddler bedding, a crib-sized quilt (for babies older than one year), a blanket, pillows, and 36" x 28" wall art for framing.

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Wallpaper is available in most of their designs and they've showcased several ways to use leftover wallpaper on their blog.


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