Carrie McBride
Oct 7, 2010
Olliegraphic is one of our favorite sources for customized invitations and stationery and, look, there's a lot more Olliegraphic to go around now! You can now buy prints, bowls, plates, growth charts and more - all personalized to look like your child.

Olliegraphic has been a successful Etsy store for the past few years and has just launched Olliegraphic.com (and is celebrating with a free printable gift with every order) with greatly expanded offerings. Like the custom stationery, you can choose hair, eye and skin color and other features to create a graphical rendering resembling your child. (I purchased printable stationery for my son last spring and had a lot of fun "creating" my son this way.)

Visit Olliegraphic to check out the many different ways you can personalize a product for your child or a gift for a young friend.


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