One Up Designs

One Up Designs

May 21, 2007

We were stumped. During last week's Smallest Coolest Party, Vinh approached us and inquired about companies that make custom wall graphics. He had already created a design, and just needed to find a place that would turn it into a decal.

The very next morning — before we had enough had a chance to start a search on Vinh's behalf — Grace over at Design*Sponge posted about One Up Design. Talk about good timing!

According to One Up's Etsy Shop: You can either submit a drawing to be converted into a wall graphic or convo me with ideas and I'll come up with drawings for you.

And here are some tips One Up offers for what works and doesn't work:

1. Simple, bold shapes translate well to wall graphics. Complex designs with lots of thin lines or small shapes will be difficult to cut and install; however, we are willing to work with you to adapt any design into a wall graphic.

2. We can vectorize photos and/or silhouettes of people, pets or objects — all we need is a high resolution photo to work from.

3. Size is no limit — we can design graphics to create a scene for your whole wall.

Pricing is based on size and complexity. One Up also stocks some very cool graphics of their own design.

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