Orange Skin Store Profile

Store History

  • Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Orange Skin was founded in 2001 by two architects with a commitment to increasing design awareness and appreciation among the American consumer. The goal is to provide American customers with access to Modern International design otherwise largely unavailable to the domestic market. Mainly targeting design conscious consumers and design professionals, Orange Skin is founded on the belief that design is a lifestyle and attitude as well as a discipline, and the home is a personal expression of an individual's emotions and ideology. Over the years Orange Skin has evolved into a complete resource for modern design. Our company is comprised of professionals in the architecture and design industry. In addition to our product offering, we provide consulting services in all aspects of design; Space Planning, Interior Design, and Product Rental for film and advertising. Orange Skin also operates as an information resource for both design professionals and students. For additional information concerning our consulting services, please visit the "design services" section of our website. Our extensive product range covers from, basic utilitarian items to innovative high-end design and provides solutions across a number of interior and exterior applications. Each item Orange Skin provides is representative of our underlying design philosophy. Our products are functional, efficient and communicate a strong aesthetic appreciation for good design. Our ability to provide products of this caliber begins with the relationships with our manufacturing partners who are among the strongest designers and manufacturers in Europe. The primary mission at Orange Skin, is to enrich the physical, cultural, emotional and spiritual lives of our customers/ clients by providing them with great design. Orange Skin functions as arbiter, advocate, presenter, as well as gallery, showroom and salon.