Paper Source

Since so many DIY projects out there that call for decorative paper, we'd like to stock up on a bunch we love just to have handy for weekend projects. Paper Source is the best place we've found in San Francisco so far for a wide selection of paper (and really, the name says it all). Our imagination runs wild when we go in, thinking of all the ways we could use their products to spruce up our place. Obviously, the store has plenty of paper, but we also were taken by the many bolts of ribbon, plain boxes waiting to decorated, stamps, and more. The staff seems very helpful and informative, and they have an area in-store for working on crafting projects. All in all a great source of inspiration and a fun place to spend a few hours putting a project together. If you don't live near a Paper Source store, make sure to check out the website, which has a large selection of craft supplies and a how-to section with some fun ideas.