Pirwi Store Profile

  • Location: multiple locations
  • Website: pirwi.com

Store History

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founded by: Emiliano Godoy & Alejandro Castro
  • Headquarters: Mexico City

Pirwi is a Mexico-based home furniture brand committed to high quality, green manufacturing and good design. The company was founded by two industrial designers, Emiliano Godoy and Alejandro Castro, and launched its first line in March 2007 in Mexico City. Today, the collection includes over 70 objects by 12 designers and features cutting-edge pieces as well as award-winning designs now considered classics of contemporary Mexican design. Pirwi was conceived as an environmentally conscious manufacturing platform that could reduce impacts on in-house processes as well as materials sourcing and disposal. Furthermore, several design and manufacturing strategies have been implemented in order to better control the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycles. We like to collaborate on all levels: with designers, suppliers and clients that share our concern for the preservation of our planet.