Modern Kid Canada

Modern Kid Canada

Julia Cho
Jun 27, 2007
  • Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada and online
  • Website:

Modern Kid is standing in the gap in Canada , providing a wide array of modern design items for children ages 0-6. The parents who run the store carry pretty much everything you might be looking for, but carefully edit their finds to make sure they meet their criteria: benefit your child's development, are made of high-quality materials, are thoughtfully designed, and visually interesting and innovative.

Yup, they've got it. The new Bugaboo Denim Special Edition 2007. We see Bugaboos of every color being pushed around here in NYC, mostly black, brown, we'll be on the lookout fo this deep blue denim.

It ships in July and their supply is limited so you'll have to order and reserve early if you're hoping to push this one around.

We love this Blah Blah Pumpkin Pillow. How cute would this pillow look in their room?

This is a special quilt. It's the Fable Quilt Skinny Ant Marigold . It's made to order and screened with folk-inspired graphics. We love the combination of the modern and the ancient.

They've got a nice sale selection right now including this adorable Mono Petite Smile Set. Also, check out the two Dwell sheet sets currently on sale at 40% off.

The Modern Kids site is easy to navigate, and we think you'll like what you find. There's plenty of variety, while at the same time the feeling that only the best items were chosen.

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