Pot-ted: Gifts for the Garden

Pot-ted in Atwater Village calls itself a shop with "gifts for the garden", but it's a lot more than the typical outdoor pottery shop, with a vibrant selection of wares beyond pottery, including fountains, stylish vintage outdoor furnishings, statues and decorative accessories for even those of us who don't have a backyard. Pot-ted offers apartment-friendly and whimsical gifts like their European Vacation mini-cactus arrangements and cute as-a-button pea pod candle sets, while those fortunate enough with a backyard can come away with recycled tables and chairs with modernist vintage sensibility.

Calling themselves "garden tarts", the folks over at Pot-ted are committed to helping you make your home more beautiful inside and out. One of our dream projects available at the garden shop is their selection of container water gardens, because who doesn't like the sound and sight of a water arrangement? And after you've beautified your home with a purchase, saunter on over to India Sweets next door for a snack or lunch. It's a highly recommended weekend activity!