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Bryan at Prairie Mod dropped us an email. They've just opened an online store this week full of Prairie Mod-ish items.
The inaugural goods are screens and ornamentals featuring the designs of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright and art prints from the Wasmuth Portfolio. Coming soon will be coasters and t-shirts produced just for Prairie Mod, and they'd love your feedback, by way of a vote on your favorite designs for the items.

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Japanese Chrysanthemums Mini Screen, $30.
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Unity Temple Print, $275.

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Architectural Revolution T-shirt (we voted for this one)

While we were over checking out the new addition to the site, we noticed a reminder that Wright and Like 2007 tours are happening today and tommorrow in Wisconsin. If you're up for the road trip, check out the post for links to all the info.

Good luck to the Prairie Mod shop!

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