Pure Design: Modern Furniture from Canada

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Italian styling from the Great White North. Who would have guessed that Canada would be turning out crops and crops of modern furniture designers? Well they are. In addition to establishing themselves in the US, in companies such as Vessel or Umbra (thought they were Swedish!), they are on the web broadcasting their wares to the whole world.

Pure Design came to us from a reader, who says:

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They're not as well-known as fellow Canadian Umbra, but they're a notch or two more upscale (ok, pricier) and more durable (Umbra uses plastic, PD uses powder-coated steel). Some of their items are bound to become modern classics (esp. the duoplane shelf)

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A sadly limited selection of their catalogue is available in NYC stores (MOMA, Conran, Lancelotti, MXYPLYZYK, Sam Flax, etc.), but go to their website if you want to find the motherlode. Nora

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We agree. Though this motherload is a small one, Pure has very good and non-run-of-the-mill collection of modern tables, chairs, shelving and accessories. This is not comfy furniture, but light, airy, stylish stuff. We like their aesthetic and their MO as well, as they are Canada proud and community based (supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation). Of particular note is the Bond Cocktail Coffee Table (top), the Lunette Clip-on Shade (middle - perfect for bare New York ceiling bulbs) and the Par Lounge (bottom). (Thanks, Nora!) MGR

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