Quiet Hours Toy

Quiet Hours Toy

Janie Lee
Feb 23, 2007

Make believe. Browsing the selection at Quiet Hours Toys really gets our imagination going. Carey Birgel created Quiet Hours Toys in response to a common challenge - having kids while being space constrained.

"With the lack of space we quickly started translating our philosophy of having 'fewer but better things' into toy-buying for the lads."

The online only store offers well-crafted handmade items that are detailed yet simple, fueling hours of make believe play for little ones. We love the interactive three-tier Twinkle Cake made of wool felt and 50 "fondant" decorations.

(More pics of our favorites after the jump).

Slotted wooden cottage.

A wooden shield with leather hand grips and painted dragon. A beautiful Eva Zeisel-esque tea kettle.

Non-toxic soft dough in a rainbow of colors.
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