Reclaimed Bench Seating and More from Redefine Home

Store History

  • Founded by: David Betz and Linsi Brownson
  • Headquarters: Costa Mesa, CA

Redefine Home was built upon the idea that a home should be comfortable, functional and beautiful -- and should embody the people who live there. Founders David Betz and Linsi Brownson, a home builder and interior designer by trade, are passionate about design and helping people define what home means to them. In 2009 they decided to combine their experience to create an online store full of unique, well-designed home furnishings. Redefine Home sees decorating as an ongoing process, more of a cultivation of things you love and things you need. We strive to offer a collection of beautiful everyday items mixed with one of a kind treasures and furniture designs inspired by just about everything. We recognize that some things are a splurge and some are a steal, and we like it that way. From the very beginning, Redefine Home has been focused on being a community-oriented, socially and environmentally conscious company. The goal is to be more than just a retail store, we are a place to come for inspiration and resourceful ideas. Our customers' best interests are always on our minds and we look at everything in terms of value, function, esthetic and sustainability. If it doesn't meet our criteria you won't find it here. We are very proud to work with local artists and small companies, and excited to offer products that are exclusively made for Redefine Home. That way our customers get the best of both worlds; design that is unique and purchases that support sustainable ideals. Redefine Home is dedicated to creating a friendly and fun place to shop and we enjoy working with our valued customers.

Redefine Home has been around since 2009 and offers a wonderful collection of reclaimed, vintage and antiqued home furnishings. Some of their best pieces come in the form of reclaimed benches, like church pews and farmhouse benches.

These are a couple of the treasured benches to be found at Redefine Home, who work with local artists and small companies to afford unique and sustainable products. The first, a weathered farmhouse bench with plenty of storage; and the second, a slatted wood church pew. There are plenty more furnishings to be viewed here.