Red Line Vintage: Online Flea Market

Store Profile

  • Location: Online
  • Specialty: Vintage and antique furnishings and accessories
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 2009
  • Founded by: Robin and Blake Eastwood

Red Line Vintage features a selection of vintage, industrial, and mid century modern goods, curated by Robin and Blake Eastwood. Since 2009, nearly 2500 vintage items have found new homes via Blake and Robin's Etsy shop. Now, they've decided to carve out their own corner of the internet, launching Red Line Vintage in early 2012.

How did we shop for vintage and antique furnishings before the wonderful world of the internet? Oh, that's right - we got up early and trudged out to flea markets and thrift stores, spending hours pawing through dusty old stuff in search of elusive treasures. Thank goodness for the 21st century - and for Red Line Vintage. Now we can shop for vintage goods from the comfort of our own homes, 24 hours a day.

Robin and Blake Eastwood have an eye for vintage wares and knack for selling them online. Following a successful three year run on etsy, during which they sold more than 2,500 items, the Eastwood's have started their own retail site called Red Line Vintage.

At Red Line Vintage, goods are sectioned off by function (furniture, kitchen, etc.) and by decade. Robin and Blake also package pieces together in collections. The most recent collection they've put together, Study Hall 2012, is devoted to back to school items. Shoppers can also root through sold items for a taste of what they've missed.

Shown Above:
Workshop Drawer Unit $288
Dog Letter Holder $16
Vintage Herman Miller Shell Chair $362
Vintage Architectural Home Model $322
Griffith's Spice Jars $128

Service Stop Sign $68
Vintage Yellow Swirl Drinking Glasses $44
Flying Saucer Lamp $168
Vintage Jens Risom Lounge Chair $1,250

(Images: Red Line Vintage)