Remarkable: Turning Plastic Cups Into Pencils

Remarkable: Turning Plastic Cups Into Pencils

Cambria Bold
Feb 20, 2009

Based out of Worcestershire, Remarkable is a UK company that turns recyclable materials into useful products, like pencils, notebooks and rulers. Their products have a little bit of fun about them, proudly advertising their origins ("I used to be...retail packaging!") in celebration of their new, eco-friendly and functional lease on life...

The company was started in 1996 by Edward Douglas Millerin. He got the idea of trying to turn a plastic cup into a pencil, just to see if it could be done. (Check out their How Do We Make Our Pencils? tutorial, but don't try it at home!) They aim to "[make] products that instill a sense of fun and intrigue... [and] evoke a feeling of purpose, passion and excitement. By highlighting what an item was in its previous life...[they] are generating a positive interest in recycling and environmental issues."

Read more about Remarkable and shop for products at their website.

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