Ripit Digital

Ripit Digital

Janel Laban
Mar 16, 2007

Another great service find from Time Out Chicago this week, Ripit Digital is a local business whose time has come.

At least at our home it has. We are really ready to lose the cd's...we haven't bought an actual cd in a long time, we've been purchasing digital music over the internet. We rarely use our cd player anymore either, but still have years worth of music that we are storing. Our plan: just rip the cd's we want and go completely digital.

Sounds great, and we have been ripping cd's as we think of it, but it's very slow process. Because it's not #1 on on our to-do list, the pile of cd's to be ripped is not really shrinking.

Ripit Digital will come pick up your collection (or you can mail it in), and for a per cd price, will convert your collection to a digital music library.

The standard format is MP3 at 194kbps and the prices vary depending on the number of cd's you want processed. 50 - 200 costs $1.40 per cd, 201-400 is $1.30 and over 400 is $1.10 each. A DVD copy of your music is included for backup.

LP's and Cassette conversions are also available.

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