Roll & Hill: High End Contemporary Lighting

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Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Jason Miller and Andrew Yang
  • Headquarters: New York City

Roll & Hill is a new American design company based in New York specializing in high-end contemporary lighting. Roll & Hill was founded to cater to the underserved American market in contemporary lighting. Although the U.S. is the largest developed market in the world, few design brands have catered specifically to the particular tastes of the American consumer. Roll & Hill is committed to making well-designed contemporary lighting for residential and commercial interiors, and is committed to cultivating a position at the forefront of design and production. Our products will be unique, sustainable, innovative, accessible and add value to whatever space they occupy. While Roll & Hill is focused on cultivating the American market for contemporary design, it is our belief that Roll & Hill’s collection will have broad appeal, specifically in Europe and Asia.

Roll & Hill is a new manufacturer of high end contemporary lighting. Based in Brooklyn, the company was founded by Jason Miller and Andrew Yang and promises to bring contemporary lighting for the American consumer to the marketplace.

Designs by Jason Miller, Paul Loeback, Rich Brilliant Willing and Lindsey Adelman are all part of the initial product offerings with additional designs by Kirsten Hassenfeld, Michael Miller and Sarah Cihat in development.

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