ROLLOUT: Daring Custom Wallcoverings from Canada

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Store History

  • Founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: Vancouver

ROLLOUT, established in 2005, is a creative studio that designs and digitally prints custom wallpapers by the square foot. Recruiting community-based artists and designers, ROLLOUT is constantly on the hunt for exciting ideas from any inspiration. Illustration, photography, graphic design, and industrial design provide the inspiration; the walls provide the medium. ROLLOUT was born out of the need for graphic expression in the interior design industry. Gone are the days of slick minimalism. We embrace texture, expression, emotion and color, filling the gaping hole left by modernism. More is definitely more. And that's what we deliver to our clients. More innovation. More creativity. More art. More individuality. More community. More you. Need we say more?

Long gone are the days when florals and pastels were your only wallpaper options. Over the last decade wallpaper design has become more and more daring and innovative. ROLLOUT is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in daring custom design wall coverings that are ideal for anyone interested in creating a truly unique interior.

Describing ROLLOUT as a company is a slight misnomer; collective seems more accurate. ROLLOUT collaborates with designers, artists and clients to create audacious original papers with unrivaled aesthetics. (Karin Bubas’ sublime Fog Cherry Blossom is jaw-dropping chic. Putting furniture near this paper is almost a desecration) ROLLOUT has done well producing 36" rolls created from client specific digital images or original designs.

Also admirable is ROLLOUT's dedication to green design. Their wallcoverings are made from latex-based papers and water-based inks (both safer and non-toxic) and are always printed specific to the client’s square footage neeeds (which minimizes cost and waste)

ROLLOUT's success has led to a foray into custom fantastic fabrics and the opening of a second studio in Toronto. They are beloved across Canada and are regularly featured on national design shows.

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