Royal-Pedic Mattresses

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Over the long weekend, as we sat around with friends in Vermont drinking too much and throwing logs on the fire, we interviewed everyone to find out their favorite mattress. Most didn't have a particular preference, but one REALLY did. She had done a great deal of research a few years ago and bought a Royal-Pedic mattress. It is now her all time favorite.

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Royal-Pedic is a California company founded by a British fellow who emigrated after learning his chops at Heals of London, the makers of mattresses for the British Royal Family. Famous Royal-Pedic customers include Ronald Reagan, JFK and Wilt Chamberlain (with a 10'x10' mattress).

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Royal-Pedic mattresses are all-natural and gain their comfort from hand craftsmanship, more springs, and natural materials such as cotton, latex and wool that breathe better and don't off-gas any toxins. Prices are good, compared to the other all natural and high end solutions ($1,780 - $4,000). The basic kit in queen is $1,780. You can order directly from them or see them at Safavieh stores in NY Metro area. (Thanks, DL!)

(Re-edited from original post on 2005-02-22)

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