RRSK Studio

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Website: rrsk.com
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If you are looking to lionize yourself (or lover) at low cost, then RRSK could be for you.

RRSK Studio, started by Ruth Ro, is part of the new breed of online art galleries that let you collaborate to shape your final piece. They tend to have less of the human touch about them, but then Andy Warhol cured us of that.

The colors are good, and art IS in the eye of the beholder.

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RRSK sells 3 different graphic approaches: Pop Portrait, Fluid Portrait and Logo Project. For each one, you supply the photo or choose the typeface, arrange online and press on "submit". Easy.

Prices run from $125 - $400, and your artwork comes to you within a few weeks.

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(This was first published on 11.11.04)
(Published on 2006-01-10 - MGR)

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