Janel Laban
May 4, 2007

We've been hearing about Rubin's since before it opened.

Kathryn tipped us off that a mysterious "modern-looking" furniture shop was opening up on Lincoln. Since then we've gotten an email or two from readers letting us know about the shop and we see their print ads everywhere; we just made it in a few weeks ago for the first time and took some pictures of the HUGE space for AT.

As you can tell from the photos, this not a shop for traditional pieces. Even more along the lines of "mod" rather than modern, this furniture is not the shy, retiring type.

The shop is really expansive with great high ceilings and a lower level. They carry furniture and accessories for every room; from sofas, beds and dining tables to curtain rods, wall clocks and placemats.

Rubin's is a Wisconsin import, with two other locations - Milwaukee and Madison.

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