Santa Barbara Store: Taipan Architectural Salvage and Furniture

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  • Headquarters: Santa Barbara, CA

Taipan's owner grew up in an architectural family in Chicago in the 60's. He has worked as an architectural designer, contractor and finish carpenter most of his life. This life experience and commitment drives the objectives of economy, good design and preserving our planet. Taipan is the major west coast architectural salvage yard between Los Angeles and San Francisco, located three blocks from the beach in Santa Barbara, CA. We also specialize in original modern furniture and licensed reproductions, and have select examples of other design periods. Taipan sells the same products found at the lumber yard, specialty stores and trade sources. We salvage across a range of architectural styles and provide choices for all budgets and quality standards for all people. When you visit Taipan you will be helped by conscientious people with working background in art, design or construction.

With this month's green theme at AT, we've been thinking a lot lately about the state of our planet. Not that we're normally not green-conscious, we're just a little extra aware with soaring gas prices, super hot weather and most recently, the purchase of our new hybrid car (love it)...

While we were thinking of how we could apply this in our home, we came across the most wonderful architectural salvage yard and are currently thinking of ditching the day job in lieu of a road trip north to go and check it out.

Taipan Architectural Salvage yard is located in Santa Barbara and has a curious array of reclaimed doors, windows, lighting, lumber…you name it. If you're shopping for remodeling supplies or just interested in acquiring pieces filled with character, this is the place. They even specialize in original modern furniture and licensed reproductions. If you end up spending a ton of money, at least you can feel good about it.