Scagliola: An Affordable Limestone Alternative

Store History

  • Founded: 1997
  • Founded by: Thierry François
  • Headquarters: Atlanta

François and Co. specializes in high-end projects where texture quality and finish are essential. With more than 100 employees and a 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Atlanta, GA, François and Co. has grown swiftly to become a key player in the residential market, and through its commercial division, Stone Age Designs, in the commercial markets. Founded in 1997 by Thierry François, owner and CEO, François and Co. applies a great tradition of passion and artistry honed over centuries to create stone architectural elements and surfaces for interior and exterior applications. An unyielding passion for authenticity, impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional design blended with a relentless commitment to superior quality and excellent customer service remain to this day our guiding principles. Over the years, François and Co. products have been featured in many award-winning interior design and architectural projects nationwide. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, François and Co. operates showrooms in Atlanta, New York, Beverly Hills, Winter Park and San Francisco.

I've been putting some hours into a loft renovation project in Tribeca lately, and when the question of what to do with the fireplace arose, the lead designer really wanted to install a vintage limestone mantle. But solid limestone is astronomically expensive, and the extreme weight of the solid stone makes installation very challenging.

The ancient artform of scagliola was discovered in the 17th century by Italian monks who needed an affordable way to restore decorative details in their monastery. They combined powdered travertine, marble, and limestone with less expensive pigments and binders to form a substance that resembled real stone. Intricately-designed molds gave the scagliola what seemed like hand-carved intricacy. Artisans sanded and polished the pieces to add additional detail or smoothness.

Our vendor is François & Co., and they offer finishes that closely resemble many different types of limestone and travertine. They also have the real deal limestone mantles, and do beautiful custom work in mosaics, flooring, and range hoods.

Images: François & Co.