Sculptural Staircases by Serett Metal Work

Designer Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 1997
  • Founded by: Joshua Young
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Serett places emphasis on the craft of creating an object that incorporates art and architecture with a turn of the century sense of craftsmanship, as opposed to mass production where quality is sacrificed. Translating a drawing into a physical work takes an understanding of the materials that dictates the look, functionality and life of the piece.

Brooklyn-based Joshua Young is an architectural metal worker who thinks like a sculptor, using his understanding of materials to "dictate the look, functionality and life of the piece." Josh started his firm, Serett, over a decade ago, and he's made a name for himself as a designer of unusual staircases.

Last year, Apartment Therapy featured his Acid Washed Steel Stairs, a collaboration with architect Daniel Silver.

It's a good example of the kind of project that Serett does well. The metal workers there have expertise in traditional blacksmithing, contemporary metalworking, furniture making, and fine art, and they're best suited to small hands-on projects that require a highly skilled craftsperson.

Josh's background mixes a Cooper Union education with "wood pin post and beam house construction and mechanical engineering." His client list includes some high-profile names, from Annie Leibovitz to Calvin Klein.

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