Shaker Workshops: Reproduction Hardwood Furniture

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  • Founded: 1970
  • Headquarters: Arlington, Massachusetts

Shaker Workshops was founded in 1970 with the purpose of reproducing original Shaker furniture and oval boxes as faithfully and as economically as possible. Whenever possible, we use exactly the same grade and species of wood as in the originals. We buy from mills with as many as five generations of experience in selecting and seasoning lumber. Shaker Workshops furniture is produced by our own skilled craftspeople in Massachusetts. Since 1972, our pieces have also been available as do-it-yourself kits. Whether you choose the convenience of having us hand-finish your furniture or the satisfaction of hand crafting your own furniture from our kits, we know that you will be pleased with the results.

During small spaces month on Apartment Therapy, we thought we'd turn to one of the originators of efficient, space-saving design: the Shakers. Shaker Workshops in Arlington, MASS, is an affordable source for reproductions of this simple, classic furniture.

We've long loved Shaker furniture for its bare-bones aesthetic, craftsmanship, and ability to fit in with modern or traditional decor. Shaker Workshops carries a full line of Shaker reproductions online and in-person through their Arlington showroom.

One of the things that sets this retailer apart is the fact that they sell DIY kits, which cost about half the price of a fully assembled piece. (The idea is the same as flat-packed IKEA assembly, but with really well made parts and DIY staining.) Shaker furniture tends to be pricey due to solid construction from hardwoods like maple and cherry. This is one way of getting similar quality at lesser cost.

For more information, check out Shaker Workshops' online catalog.

1 Elder Chair, $210 - $420, and Straight Chair, $150 - $300
2 Shaker Pegboard and Accessories, various prices
3 Lebanon Bench, $210 - $420
4 Step Stool, $133 - $265 and Utility Stool, $97 - $193
5 Enfield Shaker Meeting House Bench, $400 - $800

6 Shaker Serving Table, $355 - $710
7 Enfield Dining Chair, $260, and Counter Chair, $193 - $385
8 Shaker Drop Leaf Tables, $585 - $1,610
9 Cherry Table Lamp, $192, and Floor Lamp, $200 - $350
10 Maple Cutting Boards, $45 - $94, and Striped Cutting Boards, $28 - $122